Sunday, 8 July 2018

Tetra Pak Collagraph.

 I read online about the use of Tetra Paks in collagraph work, so I decided to try the technique out. You use the inside of the pack, as it has a waterproof lining which can be peeled off easily.  I cut several long thin strips randomly and at various angles and peeled off the silver lining. I then cut out bits of an image from an old roll of embossed wall paper, sticking the vegetation over the cut out strips. For a bit of fun I stamped a commercial stamp of some sea gulls onto light weight cardboard and stuck them in the 'sky' area. Then to add a bit of texture I sprinkled sand randomly across the lower part of the collagraph.
You can see the sand more clearly in this picture as I have coated the whole piece with 2 layers of shellac to seal it which gives the yellow/orange colour. This will sit and dry for a few days, or weeks, before I attempt a print from it.

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