Sunday, 7 August 2022

Positive & Negative.

 After I had cut out the latest stencil, shown in my previous post and on the left in the photo below, I suddenly thought to take out all the pieces of cardboard that I had thrown in the bin and glue them onto a plate which I can press it into a gelatine plate for an image, the reverse of the stencil. I'm not sure if the pieces have enough height to work well, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Road Works.

 I spotted this network of cracks in the surface of a local road while out walking the dog. I thought that the pattern was fascinating and I wondered what had made it crack in just that way.

              I traced off the design from the photo and ended up with this pattern of lines above.

 In Photoshop I then added a more lines to change it into a rectangular shape and enlarged it to an A4 format, (30cm x 21cm) Now to cut it out as a stencil!

Above is the cut out stencil, which is going to be hard to work with as it's so fragile. After a few uses the left over paint on the cardboard will add some stability to the thin lines, but for now it will be handled with care!

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

More Stencilled Prints.

 Having recently put aside a pile of gelatine plate prints that needed more layers, I finally got them all out yesterday and started to add the new stencil work to them. They do still need final focal points, but I really like these ones shown below.

Sunday, 17 July 2022


 Cutting stencils is becoming an addictive past time! I haven't even used this one below in art work yet, but it was fun to design and to cut it out. I think that I probably make all my stencils a bit too busy, but I can always remove bits later on if that's the case. They are A4 size, 21cm x 30 cm. which is one of the reasons why I don't like commercial stencils, they are too small and I like my art to be all my own work.


Thursday, 14 July 2022

Stencils Again.

 After a short diversion with the collagraph, I designed and cut another stencil based on the original curled vine photo. Below is the stencil and one of the resulting prints.

I love the blue and orange together, and leaving some of the area white appeals, but over all I think that it might just be too busy. I suppose that it depends on what I do next with it however.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022


It's been quite a long while since I constructed a collagraph plate, so it was interesting to get back into it recently in response to a challenge put out by the tutor of an online class that I did some time ago. The challenge was to use packaging materials to make a plate and to print it.  I used some expanding brown packing paper, the bottom of a take away container and some very small 'useless' cake papers to construct my plate.

I don't have a proper printing press, so I used my cold press laminator. However I soon found that I didn't have enough contrast between the textures, so I either got a very dense or very light print. The one below is of course the light one.
          I rather liked the look of the plate after the printing as it retained some of the black ink. (below)

After a bit of thought I decided not to try for a better print but to enhance the light one with water-colours, and I'm happy that I did as I rather like the result.

Sunday, 26 June 2022

From Vine to Stencil.

 Above is a photo that I took recently of a vine 'coil', where the vine had wound itself around into an overlapping circle. It was quite an effort to take the picture against the sky to have a plain background, but I just managed it.
From that photo I made the coiled vine into a kaleidoscope diagram, thinking that it would make an interesting stencil. I would probably fill in the blank centre and some of the lines might be too fine to cut. I would also change the size to fit on a standard sheet of A4 paper. Of course I could use it in the square format too.

Here is the rectangular format made into a stencil. I wonder how that will work out in a gelatine plate print? Maybe if I had the patience I could have cut out the solid lines as a reverse design!

Thursday, 16 June 2022

Stencil No 2.

After what I termed a success with my first full page stencil, I played around in Photoshop and came up with another idea for a stencil, again a manipulation of an earlier artwork of mine. This above is what I decided to work with for stencil No.2
Here is the finished cut stencil, a lot less fiddly than the first one, but I'm hopeful that it will still be a useful one.
Hmm, OK, but too much solid area I think. This one above was printed over an existing gelatine print, which shows the spirals seen in the orange areas.
This one is printed on a new white sheet of paper, but again the solid areas on the right need some work to open them up further.
Another version on a plate with 2 colours rolled out. Back to the cutting table I think to work some more interest into the areas on the right.