Wednesday, 13 June 2018

More Collagraph Printing.

 Using the plate that I made with local weeds in flower, I tried it out on two different types of paper.
The one above is on proper printing paper in a lovely creamy yellow colour. The dark patch in the middle is a little over inked, or under cleaned, so I'm not entirely happy with this print.
This one is on a piece of Watercolour paper that is a bright white in colour. There is more definition in the foliage, and plenty of contrast with lights and darks,  so it might be the best one. I do like the cream paper better though!


Margaret Roberts said...

What a difference the paper makes! They are both appealing in a different way.

mycamerandme365 said...

There are just so many variables Mags. Firstly the paper, and as printing paper is so very expensive, I try to use other types of paper too. Hence the use of watercolour paper, albeit also expensive if one uses good quality paper. Then there is the item that one is trying to print with, not too flat nor too thick, then the ink, either oils or water based, then the rubbing back and lastly the final printing.