Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Collograph Prints.

I've had the collagraph boards prepared for quite some time, but as with a lot of other artwork, the setting up and processing is rather laborious, so I've been waiting for a good stretch of time to try  printing them. This one I've called 'fragments' as it consists of many fragments of old damaged leaves. I was really just playing around with them just to see if they had sufficient height to print well. They do, and the actual print shows all sorts of subtle marks that don't show up in this reproduction. A click to enlarge the image will reveal more of the detail.
 This one is worth trying again too, although the saw dust that I used for the foliage is a bit too dense in places. It's hard to believe that the tree trunks are just strips of bark and the vegetation below is just little bits of dry plant material.

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