Monday, 15 August 2016

Melon Magic.

 In the supermarket this morning I spotted a display of Rock Melons that looked a little different to the usual melons. The patterning on the skin was amazing, but try as I might I could detect no smell of ripe melon. I would have bought one had they been ripe, but having decided not to by one I settled for taking photos instead.
 No one asked me what on earth I was doing, so I snapped away happily at the most interesting skins.
I don't use a phone camera at all, so I was glad that I had my Panasonic Lumix safely in my hand bag as usual.


Mary said...

Amazing pattern.
I don't use my ancient phone's camera either. But I don't always have my trusty camera with me and get quite annoyed with myself when I want it and don't have it.

mycamerandme365 said...

I have 2 Panasonics, an earlier model that lives in my handbag and a later one that lives in my workroom. When travelling I take both, as on 2 occasions, in Rome and in St. Petersburg, 1 camera has malfunctioned and become unusable. People think that I'm silly to take both, but it has paid off for me.