Wednesday, 31 August 2016

First Wildflowers of the Season.

 Usually the first wildflower to appear, the Hardenbergia is just lovely with its profusion of purple flowers. A white version is also available in the nurseries, but although pretty, it's just not the correct original wild colour.
         A little rosette of a Honeydew plant hugging the ground. No flowers just yet though.
                     The Yellow Star flower with it's plants dotted all around the open ground.


Mary said...

Just heard that it is the European trees, with their insignificant flowers, that cause the high pollen count. AND that we have had a relatively wet winter and the grass seeds will be the worst for many years come October. Spring is definitely NOT my favourite season.
Also heard recently that Melbourne is the allergy capital of the world - and that it may be related to how far from the equator we are (or was it how far from the pole?).
But the flowers look beautiful.

mycamerandme365 said...

Yes, I did hear that Melbourne was a hot allergy spot.
The flowers were in the bush in the Strathbogie Ranges.