Sunday, 26 April 2015

More Textured Boards.

 It was a bitterly cold and wet day today, so it was a good opportunity to continue playing. I made up another plaster board last night, vaguely like a swamp with reeds, using some pressed foliage that I had to hand.
 At each stage I took a photograph and this was one before I added more blue to the 'water', so that when I inverted it in Photoshop, the white areas became black and the blue became orange. I mentally called this The Tar Pit!
Here it is again with some of the pink removed, but in removing the pink I inadvertently lightened the black, which I really didn't intend to do. Easy to fix however.


Anonymous said...

Love all your new experiments Sue. I am watching with interest. :)

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Dorothy, I'm not at all sure where it's all going to end!