Friday, 19 December 2014

Don't Walk on the Floor!

Another step in the kitchen renovation story, but please don't make that an actual step! The lovely old floor boards have been sanded and sealed, but the sealant has to dry and cure, so after this week of drying we have another week of curing before we can move the fridge and dishwasher back in. The under cupboards kickboards will go back when the floor is ready and we are still waiting on the flue covering for the range hood which had to be specially made as it's much longer than is usual and also has a right angle bend in it, but we're nearly there! The surfaces look rather pink in this photo, they aren't, much more of a mushroomish colour.


Mary said...

Did you say you were having Christmas at your place? Not much time left if so. But it will be wonderful when it is done.

mycamerandme365 said...

No, not at our place this year Mary, for the first time in 50 years!