Thursday, 10 May 2018

'Tieve Tara' Garden.

 This is a collection of 'hardware' from the lovely garden 'Tieve Tara' at Mt Macedon outside Melbourne. Originally settled in 1854, the garden has been extensively re-made and altered over the years, including battles with bushfires in the area. The house on the property was totally destroyed by bushfires in 1983, but rebuilt and currently owned by the Brand family since 1995.
Above is a charming sculpture on the edge of one of the lakes, a game of Leap Frog.
 With the trees and flowers on their own  a great attraction, there are also short walks from the garden down to a creek though a fern gully. This old water pump adds a feature to a shady fern corner.
                          These whimsical musical frogs add a note of fun to the lakeside.
 No, no France, but another part of 'Tieve Tara', a Monet style Japanese bridge over the largest lake. No water lilies in this part though.
           I don't think that I'd like to sit in this chair, it might be a rather damp experience!


catmint said...

looks great, is it open to the public?

mycamerandme365 said...

Yes it is Sue. They even have an electric cart to take you around if you are infirm!

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