Sunday, 15 April 2018

Beetle Combination Sun Prints.

 With my effort to use up all the various colours that I have of the aging Solarfast printing medium I have been mixing colours together, which I now know isn't a very good idea as I am getting all the various shades of mud! I might end up painting over these prints with transparent inks in an effort to improve them, but for the moment these are some of the results of another printing session.
 I have layered the beetle transparencies over my previous foliage prints, but the results on the whole are underwhelming, although parts of them might prove usable.
            This is the small circular transparency printed first with the larger one on top.
             Here the same one is printed twice, but moved slightly to reveal the first image.
 The larger beetle transparency was printed first in this one, with the smaller one on top, taking care to have a large beetle in the middle.

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