Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Playing with Sunprints and Stamps.

 I made copies of a couple of my sunprint pattern pages and played around with my new beetle stamps on top of them. The addition of the colour to the large beetle makes all the difference and I can now line up the 2 stamps pretty accurately to get a combined print. I rather like this on the patterned sunprint, even though the beetle outline blends in a bit. It's almost like some sort of fancy wallpaper! I'll try it out again with a couple more of the large beetles before I commit to using the original printed paper. The Rhinoceros beetle just disappears on this darker background print.
I just placed these Rhinoceros randomly to see if they would work on this blue background. Bearing in mind that the beetles are stamped with just ink from a stamp pad rather than much darker printing ink, I think that it will work quite well.

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