Thursday, 29 March 2018

Further Sunprint Play.

 I have been scouring the neighbourhood recently for branches of fine leaves that are hanging over fences and therefore O.K to pick. This one on the right is exactly what I was looking for.
On the left is a print using partly skeletonised leaves that I picked up in the bush and I think that a technique using these leaves is worth further investigation.


Here is another one using similar leaves, but it also includes the commercially available skeleton leaves.  I think that I prefer the random light coming through in the prints of the leaves that I found myself.
Another print using 2 different sizes of fine leaves, both of which make nice strong prints.
 Here is a random selection of dried and pressed grasses. The finer ones have printed very well, but the thicker more solid heads lack definition.
Above is another negative made from a photo of grass heads against the sky. Interesting image, but at the moment I'm not quite sure where I would use it.

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