Tuesday, 20 February 2018


 Having allowed sufficient time for the collagraph plates to dry, and having a few hours in which to print from them, I managed to get a couple of reasonable prints. The first plate above, resulted in the print below, which has some good bits and some that I'm not too happy with.
 The plate below also resulted in some interesting areas, and some parts that didn't quite print as I had hoped.
 I haven't ever had this halo effect in a print before, but I quite like it. This is the first print from the plate below and the second one underneath it.
 Again, there are bits that I really like, such as the very green 'trees' in the upper middle area and the vegetation along the lower edge.
Amazingly enough, after several coats of shellac and a thorough drying, the lichen that I used on the plates absorbed the clean- up water and jumped up off the plate!  I'll try sealing it with a gel medium and hope that the polymer does the trick. Weird!

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