Saturday, 24 February 2018

Difficult Printing Paper

 For a particular project being run by the Print Studio that I belong to, we were each give 5 pieces of printing paper from which to produce 3 good copies. Unfortunately the paper was very heavily textured and as such very difficult to get a good print using the stamps that I had carved. You can see the patchy coverage above and the lack of detail in the face. I did a silly thing by printing the rest of the image first, leaving the angel to last, which was a waste of time as all the prints done this way are too poor to use.
 Luckily I had some other paper of my own that was very close to what had been supplied, so I tried the angel again, using my big heavy old book press to print with. Much better for most of the copies and provided that I don't mess up the rest of the printing I should be O.K for 3 copies.
            There are about 16 individual stamps for the entire image, so plenty of room for error!

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