Saturday, 6 January 2018

Not Sure About This Project.

 Having gone through all the photos of butterflies, (and a moth), that I've taken over the years,  I printed out the ones that seemed to be possible for the art work that I have in mind and pasted them into my current work book. I eventually chose the Australian Admiral on a Protea flower as the one that appealed most for the project..
 I've drawn the flower and butterfly on an old piece of 'plastic' lino, something that I don't normally use, but waste not want not. I've started to carve out the centre of the flower, but I really don't like this 'stuff'.
      The next stage of the carving which isn't going too badly, but the butterfly is a bit of a disaster.
Showing the finished 'lino' below the original photo. Now, I'm not at all sure how to get a nice clean border around the flower, or how the colour the butterfly. The medium is too hard to cut out a nice border, so I'll have to think about it another day................not today when it is 41°C outside!


catmint said...

It's cooler now, so good luck with the next stage of your project.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Sue! I might start from scratch again I think.