Thursday, 25 January 2018

New Stamping Project.

 These images may seem a little out of character for my usual projects, but one of the challenges of art is to work out of the usual comfort zone, or so I've read. These new stamps are to illustrate a poem that I chose from a collection of contemporary poems that the printing group are working from. We each chose a different poem to illustrate, and these stamps are the components that go to make up my ideas from the poem. I can't reveal any more just at present unfortunately. Here is the first impression from the 'armless' angel stamp.
 The poem mentions a briar rose in a cemetery, so here are a couple of pages of briar rose illustrations which I will use to design my stamp, seen below in the first printing. Lots of jaggy edges there to tidy up!
 When in Scotland a few years ago we were looking for the graves of ancestors in a graveyard not far from Glasgow. I took a photo of this Celtic cross and now I'm using the basic design for my next stamp.
                I wanted the cross to be slightly tipping over, so hence there sloped base.
 The intricate design on the original cross is just too complicated to carve into the stamp, so I have simplified it a lot! I haven't tried to depict it in 3D either, as the whole design is fairly graphic and not at all realistic.
With a little bit of careful colour application, I can give the briar rose coloured flowers and green foliage. With all the other images being in black, the rose will eventually be too, but I'm thinking of making a couple of rose flowers on their own that can be easily stamped in red or pink over the black.

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