Saturday, 25 November 2017

Printing at Last!

 At last I have a few hours clear to try printing the collograph plates that I made recently. Here above is the tree  that I made using bark, yarn and sphagnum moss all inked up and rubbed back to try printing from.
                   Hmm, not too good. The moss foliage is too thick and doesn't have enough definition.
 Here is the same one inked in black which might be a little better.  I've added some blue to the sky too.
 It's interesting that the print has turned out with a horizon line that I hadn't intended.  I might be able to do something with this by adding some more colour, but it's still pretty disappointing.
 I had great hopes for this one, as the texture isn't too thick and here when it was inked up it looked as if it might turn out well.
The inked plate above with some yellow and orange added and the print below.

 This one is worth persevering with I think, but I wonder if  I can add more sawdust foliage at this stage, as I think the tree canopy needs more texture.
The prints aren't too bad and I quite like the yellow and orange sky suggesting sunrise or sunset and I also like the way the tree trunks have printed. The lower story of the forest is interesting too.

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