Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Next Project.

 Some time ago I tried my hand  collograph plate printing, but without much success. I found a couple of my already sealed bases from the previous attempt and decided to have another go with some of my pressed grasses combined with some mulberry bark and resists using my smallest butterfly stamp. Here I've adhered the grasses and bark to the already sealed piece of cardboard with an all purpose sealant.
 Once dampened with the sealant, the grasses decided to pop up and not lie nice and flat, what to do? I decided to cover the whole plate in plastic cling wrap and put it under my old trusty and very heavy book press seen below. It weighs a great deal, so if that doesn't flatten the grasses, nothing will!

 Success, nice flat Kangaroo Grass. I stamped my smallest carved butterfly onto heavy paper and cut out 3 copies to use as resists., sticking them in place with a tiny bit of double sided sticky tape.
                              This is the second plate all ready for tomorrow's printing session.

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