Friday, 6 October 2017

Return to the Bird Prints.

 I really needed to get a move on with the 4 prints that I want to make for the  current Overwintering project. Here I've stamped my original rubber cuts onto paper and backed them with some rigid plastic sheets.
 I want to use them as a resist when I sprayed the background. You might just be able to see where the resists were as I sprayed the papers with a light grey iridescent paint. Click for a larger view.
 Now I can stamp the birds, Curlew Sandpipers, onto the clear backgrounds to give the birds white bodies without the background grey making them speckled. I've stamped the larger bird in the darkest colour, the medium sized bird a slightly lighter colour and the smallest bird quite a pale grey.
All 3 birds on the background now. Next comes the stamps of the water, but I think that I'll need to carve a few more before I start the final stamping for this project.

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