Tuesday, 24 October 2017

First Press Test

My results from printing the pressed grasses and using the butterfly resists were rather underwhelming to say the least! I used some paper given to me that had quite a regular texture to it which I didn't like, but just as well I didn't waste good paper on these test prints. In the one below, I forgot to remove the butterfly resists !!
 This time I removed the resists and followed that up with a stamped image in each ink free  spot.
   A bit more contrast might be a good idea perhaps. This one below was on a smoother paper which gave a better print, but lacked the  'feel' of rough printing paper.
 This one below here is perhaps more interesting with the lighter ink coverage and the textured paper.
 Here I've inked in some of the details of the print which gives more definition, although I'm not sure  that it's quite the result that I'm looking for.
                   I don't like all the butterflies heading off in the same direction either!

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