Tuesday, 19 September 2017


 Right now my garden is looking lovely in the early Spring sunshine. I'm particularly pleased with these Gazanias as I grew them all from seed, and it's taken 2 years for them to flower well.
                          The variations in colour and form are amazing as you can see.
 This one isn't quite fully out yet, but it will only take a few hours for the petals to completely unfurl.
     This one is a little smaller than most of the others, but it's double array of petals is lovely.
        This one has rounded petal tips rather than the pointed ones of the other colours.
 These 3 stitched images were done quite some time ago, but are based on the usual yellow form of the Gazania with the black central markings.
                I used many shades of yellow thread and lots of black and yellow beads.
All the small embroideries were mounted in a single frame with a black background and individual windows for each one. Unfortunately at this stage I can't locate a photo of the final presentation.

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