Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Brass Jug.

 I have already carved a smaller version of this jug, but now I want a larger image and one that I can add colour to, so here I'm just starting to work on it.
 Carving the shading and removing the central part to allow for colour later on. I made a mistake in the pedestal of the jug, but for the moment I'm not too fussed.
                                                                     This will do for now.
 This shows the comparison in size between the earlier version and this new one. The picture also shows the differences in the stamps, one solid colour and the larger one clear to enable colour to be added.
                              This shows the solid stamp which I'll use to add the colour.
                The finished colour version, a little bit rough and ready, but it will be 'fit for purpose'.

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