Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Spot of Dyeing.

 I wanted to dye some silk in a plain brownish and also a turquoise colour, with maybe some patterning discernible. Being somewhat lazy, rather than using silk dyes I used some other old dyes that I had sitting around and it might even be that the fabric wasn't silk anyway!
 Here the orange brown is incubating with some salt sprinkled over it. The colour is much lighter than I wanted, but I can always over dye it.
                The turquoise is also paler than I wanted, and I haven't added any salt to this one.
 You can see the darker colour migrating to the peaks of the fabric and some patterning is visible around the salt grains.
                              Not much variation in colour with the turquoise sample at this early stage.
 I had to wash the salt out of the brown sample and lost some of the colour, but even so I did get some interesting patterning, but the background is almost white, not what I wanted at all.
The turquoise fabric is very disappointing, very pale and not a very interesting degree of patterning.
I think that I need to overdye both of these samples with a 'proper' silk dye, hoping that the fabric is indeed silk!

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