Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Change of Scene.

 As a change from the garden series of textile pieces I've turned to a lino-cut/stamp block that has been waiting to be completed for some time. I finished this version, but discovered that not only had I made a few quite serious slips of the cutting tool, I had the hands and arms of the little guitarist around the wrong way! The fret board is to the left not right in the printed copy. I'm not sure that I like the cut out boots either, so it's back to the cutting again.
            Allowing for the reversing of the cut block when it's printed, this outline is now correct.
 A stamped try-out of the carving to see how I'm going. These thick blocks of 'rubber' are pretty expensive, so I chose to carve this new one on the back of the old one, big mistake! Not only does it have a defect in the rubber, see the white dot between the child's thighs, but where the boots are carved out on the other side the paper doesn't make a good contact for a print.
 After several attempts with various printing inks and stuffing the boots on the reverse with tissue, I managed to get one half way decent print...below.
                I've painted over the white dot and also a couple of other misprints too.

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