Friday, 24 February 2017

A New Challenge.

 Having always cut stamps to use with one colour, or painted each component separately, I decided to try a new challenge. The nasturtium stamp is one that I carved a long time ago, but I decided to try out a new technique using it today. I stamped it out and then traced a copy of it onto Soft Cut.
 Here I've carved away all the insides of the various elements and now the tricky bit, to cut away all the rubber around the different parts, just trying to leave a narrow outline.
 Only one problem that I can see, a bit of the stem leading to the biggest flower is missing, but it shouldn't matter in the scheme of things.
 Here are all the components, the outline, the old stamp and the separate flowers. Of course I'll have to mask off the flowers when I stamp the leaves and stems.
     A first effort which is not at all well lined up, accurate registration is a bit difficult I've found.
                                 Tomorrow I need to work out a way of lining it all up properly.

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