Sunday, 8 January 2017

Continuing the Mud Project.

 This is a print from the screen made with the Gocco machine, and it's turned out quite well I think.
 I have made 2 different screen versions, the  second one in reverse and elongated. Unfortunately the fine track lines have become clogged with paint very quickly, but I can easily ink them in by hand later I think.
 Rather than make another (very expensive) screen I sealed a couple of pieces of cardboard with sealant and draped bits of cotton yarn around to suggest walking paths on a map. I also sealed them with 2 coats of matte acrylic medium and then inked the plate. The yarn worked out reasonably well, but the paint managed to get all over the plate, (see test print below) so I'll have to be careful to rub off the excess when printing.

                 This will do quite well, as I only wanted a suggestion of a walking track map.

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