Friday, 30 December 2016

Something Quite Different.

 I want to make a small book with each page featuring one of my carved Australian native plant seed pods, cones or nuts. I suddenly remembered that I had a large container of very red soil which I had dug up many years ago and never used. I decided to mix it with water and to paint both sides of some heavy paper to use as background pages for the carved stamps.
 Here's the bucket with the soil and water mix. Of course the heavy soil forms a sludge on the bottom of the bucket, but depending on how much I pick up with the brush, each page is a slightly different shade.
 Another hot sunny day makes getting the pages dry very easy. The earthen ware pots are to keep the paper from blowing away, but as it's a sheltered corner it wasn't a problem. Below is one of the papers showing the streaks of soil and water as well as some salt crystals that I sprinkled on to give some extra texture. Stamp first and then seal, or seal first and then stamp....decisions to be made.

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Mary said...

Happy New Year! I don't seem to get notifications of your new posts, so have been absent for a while. No to worry, I have found you again.
Does the mud stay on the paper or does it crack off? How do you make sure it will take the stamps?
I am interested in this process, not because I will am planning to do it soon, just because it is so different.