Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Eco Dyeing

 The first unwrapped bundle proved to be very dull, most of the marks faded when washed and the yellow of the Coreopsis just made the odd splodge of orange. How I wish I had used 100% cotton instead of the polycotton.
 As the fabric was not much use the dull pale yellow I decided to go for broke and over dye the still wrapped bundles with a dye that will work on synthetics. I used shades of red and blue looking to get a brownish colour over the top of the yellow.
 This rather messy looking piece is the result of the dyes refusing to migrate through the layers of fabric. Just a faint touch of blue and red over the yellow and brown marks.
This is the outside of the bundle with the contrast between where the rubber bands were and the marks of the twisted fabric when I squeezed most of the water out. I like this small piece particularly where the yellow marked fabric meets the blue.

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