Thursday, 27 October 2016


 This baboon and infant is a most unusual sculpture sitting on a rock in a shady corner of  the 12 acre Ayrlies Garden in the North island of New Zealand. Begun in 1964, the garden now employs 3 full-time gardeners and is a real delight to visit. I didn't note the name of the artist who made this piece unfortunately.
 Here you can see the sculpture across the water in its little fern glade. The formations in the foreground are the aerial roots of the surrounding Swamp Cyprus trees. Weird looking things that are very other-worldly.
                         It doesn't look as if this seat has had anyone sitting on it for a while!
With the damp and often warm climate lichen, moss and mildew all grow quickly and well. This tree trunk is a veritable garden of things growing on it.

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