Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Stamp Fodder.

 I was thinking of carving a new stamp for my seed pod series and wondering where to go for some more plant material, when I remembered that I had a wooden platter with all sorts of saved pods and seeds from my various travels around Australia. The  collection has been in storage for some years so required a bit of dusting. Some of the items aren't from native trees, so I will exclude them from the stamp series, but enough of them are native to give me plenty to work on.
 These are Eucalypt pods similar to the ones that I carved a stamp from a week or so ago. I now realise that I should have only given each capsule 3 slits, whereas I gave them multiples. maybe I'll need to recarve the stamp.
   Another species of Eucalypt, a pity that I don't have the leaves to go with the seed capsules.
 This is an interesting one, another Eucalypt of course, but big and bulky. Again it's a pity that I don't have the correct leaves to go with it.  Some research needed perhaps?
            This is from a She-Oak I think, but quite large, so it may have come from further north.

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