Friday, 7 October 2016

Plenty of Leaves Here!

 I am fortunately enough to have a vast number of Eucalypt trees available from which to get more leaves for eco-dyeing. This huge specimen was severely stressed during the years of drought and has thrown out lots of seeds to germinate in case the parent tree died.
 The tree survived, and so did the lovely ring of saplings that have grown up around it. The juvenile leaves are a really blue-green in colour so I wonder if they will produce a different colour to the mature leaves.
 These are sapling that we planted a few years ago and they are growing nicely. As there are several different species, that will give me yet more leaves to try out, both green and dry.
 This tree fell down in a storm and the roots were sufficiently preserved to allow the tree to send up a batch of vertical branches from the horizontal trunk, yet another species from which to collect leaves.
These specimens are too tall to be able to reach the canopy, so I will collect the dry leaves from the grass underneath.

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