Tuesday, 11 October 2016


 Shown above are the 3 new bundles just out of the boiling pot. The lower one has the purple hibiscus in it, the middle has narrow Eucalypt leaves and the furthest has yellow Gazania flowers. There is quite a difference in colour at this stage, but as I gather that green colour in particular is not very stable, I wonder what the end result will be.
Here are the bundles a couple of days later, with brown marks developing on 2 of them and the green one showing tantalising shadows of blue. It is so hard to wait before opening them!


Helen Suzanne said...

That green is gorgeous. Funny how some things don't stick that way. Looking forward to seeing the results :)

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Helen S.
Yes, it's frustrating to know that some colours are fugitive. I will take photos of the green one when it's first unwrapped and if it does fade quickly I can always print the photo onto fabric and use that. Not quite the same though.