Monday, 5 September 2016

Gelli Plate Printing.

 I've always used dried plant material to print on a gelatin plate up until now, but today I decided to try out some fresh flowers and leaves. As usual, I had a lot of trouble with the paint drying too quickly on the plate, but I did manage to get a few prints that might be useful. Here I've used a large daisy flower, some carrot tops and a piece of French Lavender
 I was surprised to see what good prints quite thick daisies made once I had cut away some of the stem.
 More daisies, a geranium leaf and some flowers and a sprig of the yellow flowering winter jasmine.
 This was the first print that I made, where the paint dried on the plate and then peeled off onto the paper when I made the print. Although it might be described as a failed and messy print, I rather like the distressed look.
                                                   More carrot top, lavender and daisy.
More daisy and winter jasmine. I'll have fun playing around with colours and filters in Photoshop!

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