Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Eco-Dyeing Results

 I couldn't wait for more than the 1 week before opening a couple of my eco-dyeing bundles. Above shows the string that I wrapped it all in making marks like weeds in a pond perhaps with fish swimming past on the right.
             These leaves have left quite distinct impressions, a mangrove swamp perhaps ?
    These are pieces of fresh bracken fern which although rather faint are marking quite well.
                                       A tree in the middle with bracken shrubs underneath.
   The yellow colour is from the bright yellow weed Oxalis, with more leaves and string marks. The results aren't brilliant, but do show some potential. I'm not sure that opening them up too early resulted in the pale colours, but maybe it is a case of just not long enough boiling time with the iron mordant.


Mary said...

Good to know oxalis is good for something! I've played with it in the past, I think I used the frozen flowers.
It is hard to wait, well done on so many days. I seem to remember putting some in a glass container, in the glasshouse, in high summer. Then I forgot about them! Did get some interesting results though. And you don't necessarily need a mordant if you are using eucalyptus. The other mordants can give interesting colours though.
I will be interested to see how you use the fabrics.

mycamerandme365 said...

I'll be interested too Mary! I think I'll use some of them as backgrounds for stamping with my hand carved stamps, the banksia that I carved a little while ago for instance. Maybe I'll cut some bits up and use the more interesting sections in a single piece.................not sure yet.