Friday, 1 July 2016

More Gardens from the Past.

 This little machine embroidery I called The Yellow Garden, for obvious reasons. Again another imaginary garden worked many years ago, and sold at an exhibition.
 This is a real blast from the past as it is all hand stitched, something that I rarely do these days. Called Wild Lupins, it was based on an image I saw in an old National Geographic magazine.  It was in this piece that I started to use thick threads in the front and fine machine stitching threads in the back to give the impression of the distance.  Again, this is one that I have kept, as it's a pivotal point in my journey in thread.
 This red door was at the side of an old church in France, I just loved the worn step and the mauve flowering plants clinging to the old stones. I have actually worked this image twice, as I loved it so much. Others must have liked it too, as both pieces sold.
Another very early hand stitched piece with a painted background on cotton. Spinifex Dreaming was the result of a trip to Central Australia and seeing the Spinifex plants growing for the first time.  They grow in a circle out from a central point that becomes bare red earth as the plant grows outwards.


Mary said...

It is obvious that you have kept great records of your work. And it is great to see that you have sold many of them. Much better than being able to pull them out of the drawer to look at again.

mycamerandme365 said...

I always take a photo of each piece and keep that in a small album, but I used not to write down the date that I completed each embroidery; I do now. I also do keep a record of which pieces have sold.