Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fungus Collection.

 A damp weekend spent in the bush is always exciting, as I never know just what fungus I will see and manage to photograph in the wet conditions. This rather scary purple one is actually very pretty with the pale blue/mauve gills underneath.
   This robust yellow variety seems a little more benign, although I still wouldn't want to eat it!
                                  More of the purple species showing the thick blue stalks.
  These orange ones have very slender stalks and look as if they are too thin to hold the caps up.
 These actually look almost good enough to eat, but turn them over and the gills are deathly white, not the pink-brown of the edible variety.
These look particularly poisonous I think, although I don't actually know if they are. The combination of sickly yellow with the green is definitely off-putting.


Mary said...

I know you can die of them, can you dye with them?

mycamerandme365 said...

Good point Mary, I have no idea! The purple ones look as if they'd dye well don't they, but the fumes may be nasty if one were to boil them up. Worth thinking about though.