Sunday, 10 July 2016

Adding Some Grasses.

 I've carved 2 clumps of grass to go around the base of the Grasstree.  The upper stamp is a lino cut, which is very hard to do when the lino is cold and the area around the blades of grass has to be removed. The lower one is carved from Soft-Cut which is so much easier to work with, especially in winter. I've printed some trial grasses here, removing some of the background each time to improve the print.
 Now what medium to use for the final prints.  Here I've used block printing ink, but I think that I must have had it a bit too thick on the stamps, as the blades of grass aren't separated. I don't think that I like the stark black colour either, as the rest of the dark grasses aren't black, but a dark brown.
 Yes, a dark brown is definitely better.  This time I have used a commercial stamp pad with dark brown ink.
Maybe not so many clumps of grass, especially as I have only carved 2 and quite distinct ones at that.
Here I've used reject prints for the stamp trials, ones with splodges of ink where there shouldn't be splodges. It's going to be a bit nerve wracking using the final 'good' prints' to add the grasses to.

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