Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Few Problems!

 Here is the final image, completed but not without difficulty! The 2 clumps of grass on the right were easily done with a brown coloured stamp pad, but because the grass on the left was a lino cut, the stamp pad ink wouldn't adhere properly. I imagine it must be because of the natural oil in the lino.
Therefore I had to mix up a batch of dark brown block printing ink and use that. However, no matter what I did the ink made blobs that I wasn't happy with. After printing another whole pad of paper, that is another 12 sheets, I think that I've managed to get the required 13 copies that will pass muster...........just!
         These are only some of the prints that I made this afternoon, a rather costly exercise all up.


Mary said...

It sounds frustrating but you did end up with some satisfactory images. Perhaps you can use the others for a different exercise, even tear them up and use them for collage, etc.

mycamerandme365 said...

That's a good idea Mary, thanks!