Friday, 3 June 2016

More Garden Art.

 I thought that I might be able to get away with stamping the foliage that would be seen through the open garden wall, but the result was too indistinct and didn't look right on the piece of cardboard that I have already painted green for the background.
 While going through samples for yet another project I came across these machine embroidered trees and I was hoping that they might give the look that I was after. I cut the trunk off the darker one at the top, but the colour was all wrong.
 No, not right! The trees are now too distinct and not what I had in mind. Back to the drawing board.
 Here I'm using 2 layers of water dissolvable fabric, marking out the size of the doorway and mounting the fabric into a cut-out cardboard frame with double sided sticky tape. I use a cardboard frame so that it fits under the foot of the machine easily and won't damage the needle if I go over the marked area that I need to embroider.
All ready to go, with approximate markings to show the various shades of green that I want to use. Darker at the top and in the distance, brightest in the middle, and fading away to the darkest again at the bottom right. Now to sort out the threads and get stitching. I'll use cotton threads rather than rayon or polyester, as I don't want a shiny look, but a more natural matt effect.

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Mary said...

Great top about the cardboard!! I must give that a try.