Thursday, 19 May 2016

Brisbane Break.

 Taking a break of a few days in Brisbane at this time of the year was a very good idea, with temperatures there of 28°C every day.  Melbourne has been experiencing above average temperatures for this time of the year too, but winter can't be far away. I spotted this sign on a walk along the river.
 Visiting the Queensland Art Gallery I was amazed at this full sized elephant, unfortunately I forgot to note the artist's name. She, and it was a female artist, used a fibre glass model of an elephant and covered the whole thing in patterns of 'bindies', the adhesive stickers used by Indian women to mark their foreheads. What a time consuming thing to do, but the effect was very pleasing.
                                                       A close up of some of the stickers.
                   A very nice collection of Pelican sculptures outside a window of the gallery.
 I noted this lovely leadlight window on an old block of flats as I was walking back to our accommodation. I loved the subtle colours and the very interesting geometric pattern.


Mary said...

Love the notice! And the windows.
It is raining here in Melbourne!! And has done so for several hours. Hallelujah.

mycamerandme365 said...

Hallelujah indeed!