Thursday, 3 March 2016

Penultimate Signature.

 I haven't been able to do any book pages for a while, but at last I've been able to get back to the little dragonfly book again.
 Vintage embroidered braid with appliqued dragonfly cut from a piece of fabric. More gelatine plate prints of my hand carved butterfly and dragonfly stamps
 The hand made paper has such lovely little inclusions of vegetation that I need to be careful not to cover them up.
                                                            Cut outs from another print.
                                  Yet more gelatine plate prints and hand carved stamps.
On the right is a digitized and stitched out flower which had several faults, but for this application it's ideal.
The back cover of this signature.


Mary said...

This looks like an amazing book. What will you do with it? Is it for an exhibition?
It would probably do well in the guild's secret garden exhibition.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary. It's a 'challenge' undertaken by the Friday Creative group at the Guild, a fabric and paper book on a chosen theme. The convenor Sarah, did a workshop on such a book with Ros Bruhn (?) and we all liked the idea so decided to make one each. I must admit that I got a bit carried away and did it quite quickly. It's supposed to be a year long project. However I am involved in making another similar book with different group and I hate having more than one thing on the go at once!