Saturday, 5 March 2016

Final Pages.

 The front cover for the final signature. Although it looks as if the butterfly is part of the original piece of fabric, it's actually fused on with careful matching of the grass stem. All the butterflies and most of the dragonflies have the antennae added on with marker pen, as they are too fine to cut and applique.
 The fabric on the left is a computer design that made in Photoshop, printed onto fabric and fused to some hand dyed fabric. Unfortunately the piece of hand dye that I had was a bit too short, so I added a strip and fused ribbon over the top.
Again, the butterfly is not part of the original commercial fabric, it's fused on with added legs and antennae. The lower small dragonfly is also added later. Now I've only got the cover to make and then the task of sewing in all 9 signatures.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I have used that fabric, I loved it. And I am feeling very inspired by your making do when things aren't the right size.
Thanks for the inspiration.