Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Next Signature.

 In my quest to use only the supplies that I already have, this page for the front (and back) of the new signature is some fabric that I've had for ages, but don't really like.  The green isn't to my taste, but it does have dragonflies and butterflies in the print. The darker band is a digitally altered gelatine print of a fern frond.
 These pages ended up with an Egyptian theme, an appliqued  machine embroidered motif, a strip of commercial themed fabric, some commercial rubber stamps and my own hand carved butterfly stamp on a background of painted blue & gold Vliesofix. Oh, and another strip of commercial fabric that suggested pyramids to me.
 More gelatine prints,  several of my own stamps and a couple of commercial stamps for good measure. I'm still using the hand made paper with the vegetation embedded in it, but I'm getting to the end of my supply. For this reason I've limited this signature to just one page of the paper rather than the 2 that I've used previously.
 Some more gelatine printed dragonflies from my stamps, plus an appliqued gold sweep of dragonflies (?) This was a design that I digitized many years ago, and this test strip didn't make the grade. Look closely and you can see the 3rd set of wings from the top on the right didn't sew out properly. The dark green fabric was printed with another of my designs, this time screen printed.
The back cover. I thought that the gentleman looked as if he might have a butterfly net over his shoulder, though I suspect that it's just a walking stick. He's got plenty to catch here, but it looks as if he only has eyes for the lady! I'm really starting to make an impression on my huge stack of failed experimental pieces, test embroideries and saved scraps thank goodness.

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