Saturday, 6 February 2016

More of Mrs. Spider.

 Apparently these orb Weaver spiders can live for a year or thereabouts, so the fact that we have seen this particular spider spin her web every night for 10 nights or so is not unusual. Sometimes the time that she starts varies a lot, from when it gets dark at 9 pm, or much later.
 She gathers up the web every morning at about 6 am and takes the bundle into a gap in the pergola roof to consume, ready for the next night. I do wish that she would stay still for a photo!
This is the web from the same species of spider, but there is no sign of her. It looked so pretty with all the rain drops that I thought it worth taking a photo. This was a few days ago, and there has been so rain since unfortunately.


Mary said...

Wow, that bottom one just looks like beading. No wonder people have used webs as inspiration for so long.
I wish it would rain too, but not if it is going to be hot as well. I much prefer the dry heat!

mycamerandme365 said...

The humidity is awful after rain when it's still warm, I agree! I hated Darwin with 80% humidity a few years ago.