Friday, 29 January 2016


 I found this unfortunate dragonfly dead on the front driveway with lots of ants trying to take it away.
 I wanted an image of dragonfly wings for a new project, so I was happy to get rid of the ants and bring the insect inside to work on. Unfortunately there was a little damage to one forewing and one hind wing, so I had to separate the wings and double up on the 2 near perfect ones.
 I want to make a small screen print of this, but to do so the wings need to be black and white, so I set to work in  Photoshop to take out the colour, which took a lot more time than I thought, as there was a lot of shadow on the wings.

Because they didn't lie flat, I tried photographing them under glass, but in the end I decided to just make do with a slight out of focus look and call it quits with the image above.

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