Saturday, 2 January 2016

This Time Last Year.

 This time last year I was playing with nasturtium leaves and various forms of printing and dyeing.
Early January is a good time for me to play with my art supplies, as I try to have as little on outside home as possible at this time. Often it is too hot to go out anyway, so I love this time of the year.
 Here I'm printing with rubber bands on a silk screen, sort of deconstructed screen printing on some previously dyed fabric, simulating the shapes of nasturtium leaves.
                                       Printing with actual nasturtium leaves on dyed fabric.
 Here I've used a text about the naming of nasturtiums as a background for more actual leaves and a thermofax (Print Gocco) screen that I made of my drawing of nasturtium flowers.  The screen of the text was also 'burnt' on a Print Gocco machine.
              Another version of deconstructed screen printing using rubber bands as a resist.


Mary said...

I agree that it is a good time to be doing - there is nothing else happening! Can't believe how quickly you can get places because of the light traffic.
I have been playing but the heat does cause me to lose some energy.
Hope you have a productive and creative New Year.

mycamerandme365 said...

Hi Mary, Happy New Year to you and I hope that you enjoy your creativity too.
The lack of traffic is wonderful I agree.