Saturday, 23 January 2016

Orb Weaving Spider.

 I was watching the amazing progress of an orb weaving spider last night and tried to get some photos of her at work.  The flash was not a good idea as it completely flooded the scene with light, but using the night scene mode of my camera and the light of a torch,  I managed to get a few reasonable photos.
While the spider herself is out of focus, the web is clearly seen, and the amazing symmetry of it all can be appreciated.


Mary said...

That is so gorgeous!
I love the time of year when they are out and about. But I also don't like it if I have to go out at night and walk through them. I am never sure that I don't have the spider on me somewhere.

mycamerandme365 said...

I agree Mary!
She had a little mate hovering on the edge of the web very early this morning.
It's amazing not to see any trace of her or the web in the later morning, but each night she is back in more or less the same spot again.
No, walking through the web is not the best feeling.