Sunday, 24 January 2016

New Dyes.

 I don't usually enrol in the classes offered by the Embroiderers Guild Victoria as part of their annual Summer School, preferring to use the summer holiday time to 'do my own thing'. However, the idea of trying out some very different dyes had me intrigued enough to enrol this year. These 2 pieces are the result of just one of the techniques shown by the tutor Sue Fox.
Made in Australia, these dyes are non toxic and lots of fun to use, but best of all they work on all fabrics, cotton, silk, poly-cotton etc and don't need steaming even for the silk. More samples and information tomorrow.


Mary said...

Now I wish I had enrolled! What dyes are they? More info please!
I like the technique you used. Was is just crumpling the fabric?

mycamerandme365 said...

Sorry Mary, my reply from this morning hasn't turned up. I couldn't give you any more information last night as I didn't have any! The fabric was crumpled in a particular way and then heated in the microwave. The dyes are Liquid Radiance from
Genesis Creations.