Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How Fast Time Flies!

I posted pictures a few days ago of art that I said I was working on a year ago at this time.
I have just discovered however, that it was actually 2 years ago!
This time last year I was experimenting with printing on fabric treated with Solar Fast solution.
 I have a collection of butterflies that bought many years ago, which I photographed and then stored the images away for a 'rainy day'. Just messing around with Photoshop last year, I decided to resize the specimens and arrange them in an imaginary printer's tray. I love the idea of cyanotype prints, to I changed each butterfly to a black and white image, made an acetate image and printed the whole collection onto cotton fabric treated with blue Solar Fast. Not quite a cyanotype, but not too far away either.
 Here I made a similar acetate image with a photo of pressed grass seed heads and printed with the same blue Solar Fast solution. Here

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