Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Between Worlds.

 Not quite so hot today, but I still had trouble with the paint being too dry. I switched to the commercial Gelli Plate thinking that it might be better than my home made version, but it made no difference, except that I was having to work with a smaller surface area.  I'd rather have a little more space to play with however. This above has some potential, but the owl and dragonfly didn't print very clearly
 I carefully placed some inked stamps over the motifs, which I think improved them, but it is all too cramped on this small plate. Still just playing around and having fun!
       Interesting...............some eyelash yarn on the plate, removed and then the dragonflies added.
The colours are a bit wishy washy however, being a ghost print.  I wonder what a few Photoshop filters will achieve!

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